We still need Cesspool Service on Long Island for Old Homes

Is cesspool service on long island still necessary? Even in the 2000s, says pools and septic tanks are still pretty common especially in Suffolk County Long Island. Public sewers account for only 20% of the sewage treatment system.

cesspool service on long island

So it’s important to know the pros and cons of excess pool and septic system. Obviously maintenance pretty important no matter what system you have as nobody wants to deal with the inconvenience of their toilets not working.

A cesspool system has a tendency to require more maintenance. You may not see too many of them because they are in pre-1974 Holmes.So in most cases you’ll get a more modern waste disposal system such as one with the septic tank and Leach field.

One thing about a leach field. Don’t drive your Ford F1 50 on top of it. The last thing you want to do is damaging as this will cause extensive damage. You will be out thousands of dollars and when I say thousands I mean many thousands of dollars to repair it. I can guarantee your wife will not be happy that you need to call the cesspool service on Long Island to remedy you’re stupidity.

Also make sure you’re not throwing anything like paint thinner, nail polish or anything else that’s toxic and your toilet. Even if you have a sewer system you should never do this. But if you have a cesspool or septic system, the dangers are much worse. Pour ending of this type of crap inside your toilet camp and 10 chili contaminate the groundwater.

Now there’s a lot of companies that specialize in Cesspool service on Long island. You have many to choose from since L.I.  has plenty of them. You will mostly find them in Suffolk County as Nassau County has a built up sewer system… Now there are certain sections of Nassau County that are still using traditional cesspool and septic systems, but it’s not much.

Now if you have a high water table, you may have issues with unwelcomed Brown trout coming through the basement drainage or even through a basement toilet. This mostly occurs with a traditional cesspool. If this occurs repeatedly it may cause irreparable damage to your cesspool. Or the damage maybe so expensive to repair you might as well get a modern septic system.

The best thing is to understand what type of system you have, then speak with a professional on what is the proper maintenance. Spending some money upfront for a properly maintained cesspool & septic will prevent major headaches in the future.